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I was really excited for this week’s cookie recipe. It’s AJ’s birthday on Thursday so I wanted to make something he would love. I decided to make a cookie stuffed with Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, and they received an immediate 10/10.

If you haven’t had it, Cookie Butter is the consistency of Peanut Butter but it’s made from Biscoff-flavored cookies - you know, those ones you get on an American Airlines flight. They are so tasty and perfect with a cup of warm tea or coffee.

It ended up being a bonus cookie day because I didn’t have enough Cookie Butter for the full batch and used Nutella for the remaining cookies. Crowd pleasers. The trick with stuffing is to place small dollops on parchment paper and stick them in the freezer, that way they can easily just be picked up and placed inside the dough.

This week’s was also fun because we saw a few friends and I was able to share the recipes with them :)

Recipe from Tasty here. The recipe calls for homemade cookie butter, but the TJ's stuff is much easier and tastier.

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