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The interesting thing is that I'm not actually able to try the recipes. I have rheumatoid arthritis and eating sugar puts me in immense pain. But that's not going to stop me. To see the happiness people experience when they try the cookies is more than enough enjoyment for me to keep baking. 

While it may not always be on Sunday, and some weeks might include bonus baking days and non-cookies recipes, I'm excited to give all these recipes a go. If you have a favorite recipe - please share!


Enjoy :)  

In the fall of 2020 I was back home in St. Louis visiting my family. My sister had just delivered her first baby, Allison, and I wanted to do something special for the family. I decided to spread love in the best way I knew how - to bake them something! The Sunday before I left I baked cookies and dubbed it "Cookie Sunday". And so it began. I decided to bake cookies every Sunday (at least) for the next year. Here is where I'll share all the recipes I try.

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